Two weeks ago, Zeta Station ceased all communications without sending any distress call beforehand. Investigative officer Lieutenant Essex is sent to this isolated moon to determine what has happened to the crew.


A short narrative bitsy game made for the June 2018 Bitsy Jam, theme being Space Whales. Five stars to anyone who gets the reference behind the Lieutenant's name.

Made in bitsy by adam le doux

Published Jun 24, 2018
Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, investigation, scifi, Space, whales


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I effing love the color palette. Amazing choice!


Great work with the environment, also great whale!


Nice: Spooky af!


Great story & atmospheric looking too.


The derelict atmosphere of the wrecked ship, plus the remains of the dead whale, make for a very haunting atmosphere. Yet another great bitsy from you!


The empty, decaying station is so good, all spooky and moody! The real lesson here is that sometimes a cigar is just a space whale.


This was so cool! i really enjoyed the atmosphere you created. I also really liked take the dog to the sea, so i'm looking forward to seeing what you make next!


god your art is so good! and the colours are so nice, they really set the mood :D


omg I don't think anyone has ever said my art was good.... thank you 💖

'tis true tho ur art i really good 💖💖 :D

very cool! i loved the colors. 

thank you! I tried to go for a nice spacey vibe with them 💙

this is beautiful