Super Videotome is a small narrative engine for making web based visual novels, based on its predecessors Videotome and Videotome:ADV. It overhauls the 3-text system for one that closer resembles what "Visual Novel" looks like in your head, albeit a simple one.


Feature set:
  • layered canvas for background images, 2-frame animated foreground images, and text
  • music + sfx
  • non-blocking choices! pick one or let the story continue!
  • keyboard control (spacebar + numbers), dialogue autoplay
  • variables & branching checks
Not implemented:
  • Conditional dialogue; branching is on the chapter level, not line
  • More complex animations or non-manually-defined animation frames
  • Literally anything fancier than the above
I am a total beginner, is this engine for me?
Maybe. The syntax is fairly simple, but there is minimal error handling, and single character errors may cause it to break. I recommend at least passing knowledge of how html/js works, if only to be able to debug your own games.

Why (make/use) this?
This engine was a hobby project. It is also designed to have a syntax that is fast to write and does not require things like wrapping dialogue in speech marks or special characters for every line. It offers a (relatively) constrained feature set and visual display, unless you have the ability and desire to expand upon it.

It doesn't work for me, can you help?
Maybe. I have a day job so I am not offering guaranteed support for this free hobby project. Before commenting with any issues, please check:

  • You are running the game after uploading to itchio / another site, or else via a server you run yourself. Just opening the index.html will not work.
  • You have included ALL files in the zip of your project and have not changed the location of any of them within the file structure.
  • You have followed the syntax and layout of the demo project.
  • You have checked the developer console (press f12 in browser) and had a quick attempt to decode any error messages in the console.
  • You have checked the readme.txt
Published 15 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsGame engine, html, Narrative, Simple, tools, videotome


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really excited to make something with this…


OOOOOOOOOOO this...this looks very fun :3

we've been looking at Videotome:ADV for a minute now, made a story outline and even some early backgrounds and sprites for a later project we wanted to create with that...but now we're...very tempted to build it in Super instead :3 this looks really exciting. TYSM for releasing this!


Oh, you mad genius; I'm in.