Super Videotome is a small narrative engine for making web based visual novels, based on its predecessors Videotome and Videotome:ADV. It overhauls the 3-text system for one that closer resembles what "Visual Novel" looks like in your head, albeit a simple one.


Feature set:
  • layered canvas for background images, 2-frame animated foreground images, and text
  • music + sfx
  • non-blocking choices! pick one or let the story continue!
  • keyboard control (spacebar + numbers), dialogue autoplay
  • variables & branching checks
Not implemented:
  • Conditional dialogue; branching is on the chapter level, not line
  • More complex animations or non-manually-defined animation frames
  • Literally anything fancier than the above
I am a total beginner, is this engine for me?
Maybe. The syntax is fairly simple, but there is minimal error handling, and single character errors may cause it to break. I recommend at least passing knowledge of how html/js works, if only to be able to debug your own games.

Why (make/use) this?
This engine was a hobby project. It is also designed to have a syntax that is fast to write and does not require things like wrapping dialogue in speech marks or special characters for every line. It offers a (relatively) constrained feature set and visual display, unless you have the ability and desire to expand upon it.

It doesn't work for me, can you help?
Maybe. I have a day job so I am not offering guaranteed support for this free hobby project. Before commenting with any issues, please check:

  • You are running the game after uploading to itchio / another site, or else via a server you run yourself. Just opening the index.html will not work.
  • You have included ALL files in the zip of your project and have not changed the location of any of them within the file structure.
  • You have followed the syntax and layout of the demo project.
  • You have checked the developer console (press f12 in browser) and had a quick attempt to decode any error messages in the console.
  • You have checked the readme.txt

Further Reading: Long post on the Videotome family of engines.

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GenreInteractive Fiction, Visual Novel
TagsGame engine, html, Narrative, Simple, tools, videotome, web


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Okay, now that I've spent enough time/made a game with Super, I can confidently say that, as much as I love ADV, this Videotome's my favorite.

Thank you so much for sharing it. Super's a treat to use.


hell yeah, great to hear you like it :)


I've been playing around with Super a bit, and quite like it, but I've run into a bit of a thing.

I still haven't ruled out user error 100% but I've noticed that the REMOVE function seems a bit borked. It kind of glitches out, necessitating hitting the spacebar/enter multiple times to continue, and whatver text is on the same line as the REMOVE gets eaten/doesn't show up on screen.

I've tried it without brackets around the choice text to be removed, as per the ReadMe doc, with brackets like in ADV, and with one bracket(by accident); the same thing happens, regardless.

I've been faking the effect REMOVE has to the choice options with GOTO to sort of simulate non-blocking choices to the player since GOTO clears the choice box, and while it's not quite the same, it's close enough for a quick jam game.

The other option I've played with is putting extraneous text on the line that gets eaten (an ellipsis or something) so it looks a bit like it's supposed to, narratively-speaking, but the multiple-press-to-continue thing is still jarring, so I'll probably limit that.

Either way, I'm planning to make it work because I want to/am a stubborn weirdo, but I thought you should know for any future updates to Super.

Cheers :)

Deleted 168 days ago

This bug has now been fixed. Each choice was being assigned an ID of the text it was displaying, not the numerical ID of itself.

You should now be able to use the command REMOVE:1 to remove the choice you setup with CHOICE1:[text]:destination, and REMOVE:2 for CHOICE2, etc.

Please note that this id is not 1:1 with the visually displayed choice number if, for some reason, you create them out of order. 

Oh, nice one. Thanks for letting me know :)


OOOOOOOOOOO this...this looks very fun :3

we've been looking at Videotome:ADV for a minute now, made a story outline and even some early backgrounds and sprites for a later project we wanted to create with that...but now we're...very tempted to build it in Super instead :3 this looks really exciting. TYSM for releasing this!


Oh, you mad genius; I'm in.