Freya's Twitsy Template #1

A template for combining bitsy and twine in one keyboard-controllable game. Check it out online and then download the zip file for a twine project, example bitsy and images, and readme with instructions. Meant as a starting block for people who want to try it out quickly and see what they can do. For more information, check out my blog on combining the two.

Also comes with the a nice pixel font (the one itchio uses, I think!).


Twine 1.4.2
Sugarcube 2.0


thanks to Adam for making Bitsy

thanks to Sean for the bitsy-twine hack

thanks for Dana for testing the template & giving me the idea for it

Install instructions

Download and extract the .zip file that contains the twine project file, index.html and subfolders.

You will need Twine 1.4.2 and Sugarcube 2.0, as listed above,


Twitsy Template Downloadable 1.1 .zip 229 kB


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very cool!


ohhh this is cool! excited to try it out