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This is really great! Thank you for making it, the ending message was particularly touching :) 


I love this


I really enjoyed the story. Initially I named myself Rose, which was kinda confusing, haha. Really nice music as well!!


omg i think i died of sweetness!!! THIS IS SO CUTE AND uh PURE!!! got me all wistful and just feeling warm <3

I really enjoyed this, it really made me pine for a fun trip with good friends. For some reason I didn't have any music though? I didnt realize there was meant to be any until the credits rolled :(

huh, weird. At least you enjoyed it even without music :) Can I ask what browser you were using?

I downloaded it and played via the client.


such a charming game!! i loved it so much. thank you for making this 💕

thank you for putting on the jam! ✨


This is so sweet, and really captures the feeling of a summer road trip with friends - well, maybe with more cute flirting in it.

hehe thank you 💖 I guess the amount of flirting depends on which friends you go with!

To clarify - your game had more flirting in it!


this is really cute and sweet!! i love it!!!

thank you!! <3


omg this was so cool!! even though it was just text , I imagined it all in my head and it was awesome

thank you! that's the power of your imagination ✨


I wish you could've seen me, giggling like a idiot and burying my face in my hands as I played this. ❤❤❤

heh heh that's the reaction i was going for 💖

You have a bug in the game,. it's not something game breaking but she just letting you know! 

woops. thanks for that - have fixed it now!