What do you wish for?


Perseids, or, All This Will Go On Forever

Made for Trans Gal Jam 2.

Four trans girlfriends go on a road trip to a dark sky park, to see the perseid meteor shower.  A 6.5k-long twine* story, with small branches but a single ending. There's very little conflict, drama, no-one dies. Just a good time.

Features a 5-song soundtrack also available here, with the in-game versions lovingly destroyed filtered as though they sound like they're playing through a blown speaker whilst you're driving through the countryside.

Shown at AdventureX 2018 and Melbourne Queer Games Festival.

Content Information

This game contains mild swearing, and occasional light drug use (marijuana).

Whilst this game is in 2nd-person, and it will refer to you via a name you choose, the narrative will assume you are a trans woman.


*this twine game is fully playable via keyboard. Instructions are provided in-game, but to recap:

  • Where you see a ~, you can press Spacebar to advance.
  • Choices will be labelled z, x, and c.  Spacebar will pick the first choice, if you press that by accident.
  • Press Enter after filling in a text box to advance.


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That was really good. We didn't expect it to end there - caught us out of nowhere in the best way.

We like slice-of-life stories too, and part of why is the why you mentioned.


Wow, I know I'm late to the party, but this was great. I almost teared up at one point (talking about wishes). Brilliant work.


Such a cute game! It captures so much of what makes the magic of car trips what it is, and left a hopeful feeling in my heart.


I really love this game. I could play it a thousand times and i wouldn't be bored :)


love the writing, the characterization was ~~immaculate. I feel like some stories are easier to imagine and become invested in and your writing definitely has that quality <33 also i want a flirty friend group to go on a road trip with :')

is it possible to lose at rock paper sciccors?

Nope, the choices are for flavour 


This is really great! Thank you for making it, the ending message was particularly touching :) 


I love this


I really enjoyed the story. Initially I named myself Rose, which was kinda confusing, haha. Really nice music as well!!


omg i think i died of sweetness!!! THIS IS SO CUTE AND uh PURE!!! got me all wistful and just feeling warm <3

I really enjoyed this, it really made me pine for a fun trip with good friends. For some reason I didn't have any music though? I didnt realize there was meant to be any until the credits rolled :(

huh, weird. At least you enjoyed it even without music :) Can I ask what browser you were using?

I downloaded it and played via the itch.io client.


such a charming game!! i loved it so much. thank you for making this 💕

thank you for putting on the jam! ✨


This is so sweet, and really captures the feeling of a summer road trip with friends - well, maybe with more cute flirting in it.

hehe thank you 💖 I guess the amount of flirting depends on which friends you go with!

To clarify - your game had more flirting in it!


this is really cute and sweet!! i love it!!!

thank you!! <3


omg this was so cool!! even though it was just text , I imagined it all in my head and it was awesome

thank you! that's the power of your imagination ✨


I wish you could've seen me, giggling like a idiot and burying my face in my hands as I played this. ❤❤❤

heh heh that's the reaction i was going for 💖

You have a bug in the game,. it's not something game breaking but she just letting you know! 

woops. thanks for that - have fixed it now!