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Perseids, or, All This Will Go On Forever

Made for Trans Gal Jam 2.

Four trans girlfriends go on a road trip to a dark sky park, to see the perseid meteor shower.  A 6.5k-long twine* story, with small branches but a single ending. There's very little conflict, drama, no-one dies. Just a good time.

Features a 5-song soundtrack also available here, with the in-game versions lovingly destroyed filtered as though they sound like they're playing through a blown speaker whilst you're driving through the countryside.

Shown at AdventureX 2018 and Melbourne Queer Games Festival.

Has a small sequel in SLASHER, Interrupted.

Content Information

This game contains mild swearing, and occasional light drug use (marijuana).

Whilst this game is in 2nd-person, and it will refer to you via a name you choose, the narrative will assume you are a trans woman.


*this twine game is fully playable via keyboard. Instructions are provided in-game, but to recap:

  • Where you see a ~, you can press Spacebar to advance.
  • Choices will be labelled z, x, and c.  Spacebar will pick the first choice, if you press that by accident.
  • Press Enter after filling in a text box to advance.

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(83 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsLGBT, meteors, polyamory, road-trip, Transgender, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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i first played this game four years ago, as an egg. i left a five star review saying "Perfect. Made me feel exactly how I came in wanting to feel."

now, four years later, i've started hrt and gone on a roadtrip with my girlfriend. this hits all the harder for it. if i could bump that rating up further, i would.

thanks. for one little, illuminating story that pointed me in the direction of how i wanted to feel. it's all i wished and more and i hope with all my heart that all of it will, in fact, go on forever.

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I enjoy the mandatory smoking and also this game overall, that was pretty cool. I felt "scrawny, stoner non-abdomen" in my very soul
Edit: did some more playthroughs, hurts my heart not making out with Rosie :/

A little moment, where we can be ourselves.


A cute slice-of-life story.

Thank you for making this IF and for chosing this end. That's a perfect end


0/10, I hate that it ends. I love all 4 of these trans gfs so much.


I really wish you could decline the joint...


hi im crying now, thanks for this <3


That was really good. We didn't expect it to end there - caught us out of nowhere in the best way.

We like slice-of-life stories too, and part of why is the why you mentioned.


Wow, I know I'm late to the party, but this was great. I almost teared up at one point (talking about wishes). Brilliant work.


Such a cute game! It captures so much of what makes the magic of car trips what it is, and left a hopeful feeling in my heart.


I really love this game. I could play it a thousand times and i wouldn't be bored :)


love the writing, the characterization was ~~immaculate. I feel like some stories are easier to imagine and become invested in and your writing definitely has that quality <33 also i want a flirty friend group to go on a road trip with :')

is it possible to lose at rock paper sciccors?

Nope, the choices are for flavour 


This is really great! Thank you for making it, the ending message was particularly touching :) 


I love this


I really enjoyed the story. Initially I named myself Rose, which was kinda confusing, haha. Really nice music as well!!


omg i think i died of sweetness!!! THIS IS SO CUTE AND uh PURE!!! got me all wistful and just feeling warm <3


I really enjoyed this, it really made me pine for a fun trip with good friends. For some reason I didn't have any music though? I didnt realize there was meant to be any until the credits rolled :(

huh, weird. At least you enjoyed it even without music :) Can I ask what browser you were using?

I downloaded it and played via the itch.io client.


such a charming game!! i loved it so much. thank you for making this 💕

thank you for putting on the jam! ✨


This is so sweet, and really captures the feeling of a summer road trip with friends - well, maybe with more cute flirting in it.

hehe thank you 💖 I guess the amount of flirting depends on which friends you go with!

To clarify - your game had more flirting in it!


this is really cute and sweet!! i love it!!!

thank you!! <3


omg this was so cool!! even though it was just text , I imagined it all in my head and it was awesome

thank you! that's the power of your imagination ✨


I wish you could've seen me, giggling like a idiot and burying my face in my hands as I played this. ❤❤❤

heh heh that's the reaction i was going for 💖

You have a bug in the game,. it's not something game breaking but she just letting you know! 

woops. thanks for that - have fixed it now!