A downloadable essay

Early 80s sex games that COULD have occupied the public videogame consciousness via inclusion in listicles and reference to How Bad Sex Was In The Past

Vintage smut we could have based the industry on

Problematic vintage smut that might/would have industry ramifications if obliterated from existence


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Thank you for this, I really enjoyed it and it was very interesting to get to know these. I would love a full book like this!


Thank you for stopping when you felt comfortable. I’m getting used to it. Tired. Stopping. It feels good to see so many entries be open about how tired they are. How they make what they made, wanting themselves more then making do.

You express so much and sound tired. I feel I step into a rest areas side curation on an asteroid. I have flown too long too drowsy. It’s like you’re in this corner and uninstall and duck unconsciously under a salmon cctv monitor and see me. You dictate the first curated wall “at left” before I can get “oh I was just…”.

Where I’ve forgotten I thought to of excused myself, wrong hatch, my dimension has wibbled. Guns and passion swap definitions if clothes. Throat muscles crunch words I store there turned silicone or I swallow. Something made of me supplies water. To enter the day we’ve made, I turn, leaving. I stop at the survey box. I stop when I’m tired.


"Would the world be different if Mainstream Games was sexier?" is a question that crosses my mind way too often, as often as I try to search for cool horny games and end up very disappointed.

Thanks for digging through spicy 80's games, this was a super fun & interesting read!


yeahhh yes