in a quiet library on the World, a history book spills its sordid secrets


two ghouls in a trenchcoat present:  THE END OF DECAY;
a collaboration between
for the bitsy cursed book jam

  • 👁️ Controls: ARROW KEYS to move, SPACE to advance dialogue and narration, and Z or X to select choices
  • 👁️ 4,000 word horror story with subtly different endings
  • 👁️ Illustrations! Audio! Bitsies!
  • 👁️ A single, uncomplicated history of magick

thanks to Adam for making Bitsy,
Elkie for hacking it to 3d,
and Sean for hacking it in a myriad other ways


get the soundtrack on bandcamp if you so wish

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Authorscommunistsister, Grim Baccaris
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withBitsy, Twine
Tags3d-bitsy, Bitsy, Creepy, death, Horror, literature, Twine, twitsy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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This was a very well written story, enjoyed every page of it. keep up the great read

made friends with a possibly-made necromancer. we rule the remains of an infected together. 10/10

cannot stop thinking about this game. love it so dearly. such incredible writing

this is a deeply fascinating game. unfortunately i have broken the universe


This is an extremely fascinating work. Just reading the book felt very close to the experience of actually reading some book about forbidden magic from some impossible, existentially doomed world. To the point that I was surprised and intrigued once events started to unfold.


There exists a small chance that I may have made a slight mistake and doomed humanity. I will keep you posted.


Brilliant, and so creepy.


Very good and cool, I like it a lot. Sending to friends to help them stay up at night.


I am trying to put my jaw back into place after it dropped on the floor and failing


I liked the setting but I do wish there were more chances to move around. Maybe I just missed that part. I also have so many questions about what exactly happened and if the same thing will happen to all the other worlds.


well, I'm cursed now. thanks a lot


This is illegally good. You have definitely broken some laws to make this, and when I work out what those are I will be contacting the appropriate authorities. Good day.


wow, I don't know what else to say, this was very moving. thank you for this. <3