You are a Chrono Agent, dispatched across space and time on sensitive missions to alter the course of history. You have arrived on board an abandoned spaceship, the only living crewmember preserved in a cryo-stasis pod, with 59 seconds until the reactor surges and fries the pod.

You have already failed twice.

Your operator resets you back to the anchor point, and you try again. And again. And again.


Made for Ludum Dare 46 on the theme of "Keep It Alive", using twine 1.4 and bitsy-3d. Somewhat of a homage to mid-90s adventure games.


Thank you to Adam for making Bitsy, Elkie for hacking it into a 3d editor, and Sean for the debugging help as usual.


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This was a really cool idea! I would have liked it more if there was sound, so I added my own in my video (it's the third game if you want to see it). Good work though and keep it up!


That was really cool. Loved the colorscheme and the UI a lot. Kinda wanna play again to see if they say anything interesting depending on the amount of loops


Short but incredibly haunting, loved every second of it.