A short narration of my process for baking sourdough bread, interspersed with some tangents on rocket countdowns, oven measurements, and the invention of time.

Made for the Bitsy Essay Jam.

Thanks to Max for the new version of Image To Bitsy.

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GenreInteractive Fiction
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Tagsbaking, Bitsy, bread, essay, introspective, non-fiction, Space, time


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i've never had the patience to make sourdough the old way like this, though my family used to have a starter every summer when i was a child. i've learned how to make naan and quick breads instead. they usually only take up to 2-3 hours, which is almost nothing compared to the time for sourdough. but reading this has made me wonder if, perhaps when i move back to my home province, i might get a nice ceramic pot to make some starter in. here's to bread, and here's to doing things on our own time!


excellent essay!
furious at how we're all inclined/educated to not question artificial clock constraints
also thank's for the recipee (I love sourdought bread <3)


this ensures that i'll never bake bread

but it really ups my appreciation for those who do

and 100% agree on work should only be as long as to carry out the necessary tasks


i like bread and also rockets <3


Lovely :) This made me smile and want to bake myself some bread :)


A lovely journey of bread and thoughts!


Nice story, +1


5/5 would bake again


Wonderful stuff (both sourdough bread in general and this essay in particular). Loved the digressions.