My entry for Variety Megajam 2018 - 7 games made in less than a fortnight, in a variety styles I don't usually make! Although the jam was meant to be for 10 games, and I ran out of time, I'm not unhappy with the result. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Please note that "Garden With Cats" does not have a functioning Home button; you will need to reload the page to get back to this screen. Sorry!


  1. Nine Big Moods
    1. A random mood generator, picking from nine. Experiment in using randomness.
  2. Garden With Cats
    1. The first game I have made with Bitsy.
  3. Help Holly
    1. An ARG-style journey across the internet via clues!
  4. Magenta RPG Character Creator
    1. An RPG-style Character Creator. Experiment in using and modifying arrays.
  5. Maths-ical Girls!
    1. A Maths-themed Magical Girl Edutainment game! Also includes experiments in (garish) CSS styling!
  6.  VirtuaScot
    1. A Visual-Boy-Palette-Styled virtual tour of Scotland! Includes both gorgeous, lifelike visuals and crystal-clear audio...
  7. T. Ruth Dugger and the Phishing of Mr Good Luck
    1. A hardboiled PI short based on two spam emails received during the course of the jam...