My entry for Variety Megajam 2018 - 7 games made in less than a fortnight, in a variety styles I don't usually make! Although the jam was meant to be for 10 games, and I ran out of time, I'm not unhappy with the result. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Please note that "Garden With Cats" does not have a functioning Home button; you will need to reload the page to get back to this screen. Sorry!


  1. Nine Big Moods
    1. A random mood generator, picking from nine. Experiment in using randomness.
  2. Garden With Cats
    1. The first game I have made with Bitsy.
  3. Help Holly
    1. An ARG-style journey across the internet via clues!
  4. Magenta RPG Character Creator
    1. An RPG-style Character Creator. Experiment in using and modifying arrays.
  5. Maths-ical Girls!
    1. A Maths-themed Magical Girl Edutainment game! Also includes experiments in (garish) CSS styling!
  6.  VirtuaScot
    1. A Visual-Boy-Palette-Styled virtual tour of Scotland! Includes both gorgeous, lifelike visuals and crystal-clear audio...
  7. T. Ruth Dugger and the Phishing of Mr Good Luck
    1. A hardboiled PI short based on two spam emails received during the course of the jam...

Published Dec 27, 2017
GenreInteractive Fiction, Educational
Made withTwine, Bitsy
TagsBitsy, bundle, Detective, jam, LGBT, queer, Twine
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse