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windows link seems to be down :(

this is so cute :) I love all of their different personalities!

will you be restocking the steam keys soon?

We were able to restock the keys last week. Sorry for the delay there; Steam prefers to release them in small sets, and I hadn't noticed we were so low!

Should be good now. Let us know if there's any difficulties there!


There don't seem to be any Steam keys available at the moment. I'm not too concerned myself, it's just a weird sense of completionism that wants me to redeem all the things, but since no-one's posted about it here I figured I'd let you know.

Wait, damn, you're from the same place as me. That's neat, much like your games!

ah, they've been trickling away slowly enough I didn't notice. should have some spare I can add to it. thanks for the heads up

Thanks a lot. Would you post an announcement after restocking the key? Best

Hey, just to update, we restocked the Steam Keys last week.

Sorry to not get back to y'all; I didn't catch this thread! Let us know if you have any difficulties getting 'em.


As someone who rarely if ever plays story focused branching dialogue games, I had a great time with this. 10mg out of 10mg


Really liked your game! Dialogue was good and interesting and I liked the different choices I was able to choose for my story. Its the first game I play in this video!


All I wanted was to please my girlfriends, they all roasted me instead. 10mg out of 10mg!!


Cute art, a soundtrack that slaps and lovely writing. I look forward to unlocking the rest of the endings!


Well, as expected, this is excellent. Loved the concept, the writing, and the fact that it does react to the sort of story that you've decided to tell. (I'm 3 endings down at the moment). The art is fantastic too, bursting with character.


Really lovely, choosing the path of the story to suit your individual audience members is such a neat touch

Great work!