In Barely Undercover Raunchy Game (look, acronyms are hard) you play someone just trying to make their significant other happy, by making them a burger. There's nothing horny about it in the slighest.

  • Break in to an upmarket fast-food eatery!
  • Experience the latest in immersive burger assembling!
  • Customise your Significant Other's name!
  • (they are gendered they because I ran out of time to code custom genders!)
  • Featuring over 35 lovingly voice-acted lines!

Made in one month (February) for #strawberryjam 2017.

Creator note: This is the first game I've completed with audio and custom - if simple - CSS styling, and I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Published Feb 26, 2017
GenreSimulation, Interactive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsErotic, LGBT, Twine, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few minutes


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i never rated it before for some reason but just kno i still think abt this game... 

The first time I played it wouldn't let me get past the first part- it just kept saying 'let's try again' over and over. I made an account to leave a comment and it fixed o: so I don't actually know why it was breaking.

Also, I almost forgot this was a raunchy game for a second. And yet, all of those dialogue options are so suggestive

That was really funny-even though I had no idea how many grams a burger should be! Game broke after I burnt the patties, though :/

groannnn thanks for letting me know, I'll see if I can fix whatever's breaking. Glad you found it funny at least :)